Printing from inspiration to application

To be market leader in its chosen business segment and ensure customer satisfaction by delivering value for money, with reliability, quality and care for the environment.


  • Continuously improve core competence in Books printing.
  • Give employees market compatible compensation package and career progression opportunities through enhanced productivity.
  • Create a dedicated team of employees.
  • Continuous upgradation of technology and adoption of latest state of the Art technology.
  • Continue earning profit to ensure survival and growth of the company and create wealth for shareholder.
  • Continuous reduction of wastage.
  • Expansion into new business areas such as publishing, variable data printing, paper making for sustained growth.
  • Quality Policy

  • Fulfil our customer's requirements of printed material on-time and at required quality.
  • Establish and maintain an effective quality management system which provides for continual improvement aimed at enhanced customer satisfaction, productivity and cost effectiveness.
  • Involve employees at all levels in quality management by imparting requisite training and achieving organizational improvement by harnessing their potential.
  • Establish a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Quality Objective

  • Reduction in internal loss including process loss rejection and rework.
  • Reduction in customer compliants.
  • Increase in sale volume with increased customer base.
  • Reduce delivery non-conformity.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction.